Each Party (countries Sweden and Finland)  appoints three members to the Commission for a fixed time period, one of them from the government authority responsible for water issues and one from the municipality in the area of application of the Agreement, as well as one or several deputy members for each member.​

The Commission chairmanship alternates between the Parties each calendar year. The chair is appointed by the Party which holds the chairmanship while the other Party appoints the vice-chair. Both of them must be members to the Commission. Each Party may appoint up to three permanent experts to assist the Commission. The Commission may also use other experts.

Chairman is Mr Timo Jokelainen from Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment -Lapland, Finland. Timo Jokelainens deputy-member is Mr Pekka Räinä from Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment -Lapland, Finland.

Vice-chair is Mrs Marita Thelin from County Administrative Board  -Norrbotten, Sweden. Thelin´s deputy-member is Eva Sundin from County Administrative Board – Norrbotten, Sweden.

Commissions other members:

Bengt Niska, Pajala, Sweden.
Deputy-member Brynolf Tjärner, Övertorneå, Sweden.
Birgitta Isaksson, Kiruna, Sweden.
Deputy-member Birgit Niva, Haparanda, Sweden.
Elli-Maria Kultima, Enontekiö, Finland
Deputy-member Matti Myllykangas, Muonio, Finland.
Kalervo Aska, Pello, Finland
Deputy-member Aino Hyöppinen, Tornio

Commissions permanent experts are Mr Andreas Broman from Sweden and Mrs Maare Marttila from Finland.