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Commission Members


Each Party (countries Sweden and Finland)  appoints three members to the Commission for a fixed time period, one of them from the government authority responsible for water issues and one from the municipality in the area of application of the Agreement, as well as one or several deputy members for each member.

The Commission chairmanship alternates between the Parties each calendar year.The chair is appointed by the Party which holds the

chairmanship while the other Party appoints the vice-chair. Both of them must be members to the Commission.

Each Party may appoint up to three permanent experts to assist the Commission. The Commission may also use other experts.


Chairman year 2022  is Mr Timo Jokelainen

from Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment -Lapland, Finland

Timo Jokelainens deputy-member is Mr Pekka Räinä from Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment -Lapland, Finland.

Vice-chair is Johan Antti from County Administrative Board  -Norrbotten, Sweden.

Antti´s deputy-member is Eva Sundin from County Administrative Board - Norrbotten, Sweden.

Commissions other members:

Bengt Niska, Pajala, Sweden.

Deputy-member Birgitta Isaksson, Kiruna, Sweden.

Pia Hulkoff, Haparanda, Sweden.

Deputy-member Brynolf Tjärner, Övertorneå, Sweden.

Elli-Maria Kultima, Enontekiö, Finland

Deputy-member Aino Hyöppinen, Tornio and Matti Myllykangas, Muonio, Finland.

Marika Kylmämaa, Kolari, Finland.

Deputy-members Kalervo Aska, Pello and Eugen Parviainen, Ylitornio.

Commissions permanent experts are Andreas Broman, Sweden and Maare Marttila, Finland.


The Commission has a secretary. The person to be appointed as the secretary shall have the Master's

degree and master both the Finnish and Swedish language.

The secretary assists in the preparation of matters in accordance with the chair's guidance, keeps the

minutes and records of the Commission and sees to sending out the invitations and other documents as well as the management of finances.

Mrs Virve Sallisalmi, secretary  (on leave from 15 of March 2021 -> )

Email: virve.sallisalmi(at)

Mobile +358 (0)40 526 11 06

Mr Simja Lempinen, water- and environment engineer

substitute secretary

Email: simja.lempinen(at)

Mobile +358 (0) 40 833 5643


Mrs Camilla Ahlstrand, assisting secretary

Email: camilla.ahlstrand(at)

Mobile +46 (0)72 523 5590 or +358(0) 40 705 5509


Postal address:

Storgatan 92A, SE-95331 Haparanda, SWEDEN



Visitor´s address:

Storgatan 92A  Haparanda, SWEDEN.

Open daily at 9.00 am to 15.00 pm, Swedish time.

Commissions functions

​In accordance with the regulations of this Agreement the Commission shall:

- Develop cooperation between the Parties in the water management area;

- Promote cooperation between the authorities of the Parties in coordinating and reconciling programmes,

   plans and measures designed to reach the objectives for the status of the aquatic environment and monitoring the status of waters;

- Promote the coordination of planning work by authorities and municipalities of the

   Parties to prevent flood and environmental damages in the transboundary rivers;

- Promote the coordination and reconciliation of work by authorities and municipalities

   of the Parties relating to nature conservation plans for the transboundary rivers;

- See that the Parties communicate jointly on the programmes and plans referred to in this Article and hold joint hearings; and

- Adopt or reject proposals for programmes or plans concerning the water management area.

- The Commission shall monitor the application of this Agreement and the permit practices as well

   as draw the attention of the Parties to any needs to amend the Agreement.