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Water Management

Finnish Swedish Transboundary Water Commission

develops cooperation between Finland and Sweden

in the water management area.

Commission promotes cooperation between

the authorities of Finland and Sweden in coordinating

and reconciling programmes, plans and measures designed

to reach the objectives for the status of the aquatic

environment and monitoring the status of waters.

Agreement in English (pdf-file)

Agreemet in Swedish (pdf-file)

Agreement in Finnish

Agreement in Northern Sami (pdf-file)

In matters concerning activities practised in the water

management area which fall under the water and environmental

legislation and which may have impacts on the status and use of the transboundary rivers or coastal water areas the Commission

has the right to give a statement on a permit matter or

appeal a decision concerning a permit matter.

The Commission has the right to make motions and give statements in other matters concerning waters in the water management area.


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International water issues

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