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Fishing regulations


The Fishing Rule for the River Tornionjoki Fishing District, as an integral part of the Agreement,

lays down provisions concerning the protected districts, fishing seasons and closed seasons,

minimum sizes, and fishing gear and their use.

The public authorities specified by the Finnish

and Swedish Governments discuss any derogations from the Fishing Rule which may

be needed on anannual basis.

Such derogations are to be assessed on the

basis of changes in the fish populations and

they may concern, for example,

allowable fishing seasons.

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Agreement in English (pdf-file)

Agreemet in Swedish (pdf-file)

Agreement in Finnish

Agreement in Northern Sami (pdf-file)

Geographical area of application

a) the Rivers Könkämäeno and Muonionjoki and the part of the River Tornionjoki and

lakes in which the national frontier between Finland and Sweden runs (transboundary rivers):

b) watercourses which are tributaries of the transboundary rivers, but not watercourses

which flow into the transboundary rivers; and

c) branches of the mouth  of the River Tornionjoki, and

d) the part of the Bothnian Bay which is located on the northern side and within the line

which is drawn from the Port of Haparanda to the north-easternmost point of Skomakaren,

easternmost point of Ylikari, northernmost  point of Sarvenkataja and from there directly

to the east to the national frontier and from there to the south along the national frontier

to the municipal boundary between Tornio  and Kemi and further to the north-east

along the municipal boundary to the mainland.

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Research and statistics

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